Get psyched!

My name is Gabriel Marcum, director of Big Ugly Productins. Me and my team of artists and developers have made a unique vision for a video game. An original war game, focused on the emotional impact and tactical

complexities of modern combat.

Taking inspiration from some of the all-time greats, get ready to experience a gritty, brooding war simulator with a low-poly aesthetic. A balanced combination of mil-sim, arcade, and boomer shooters all tied together with an original crossover of RTS/FPS game design...


The Ultimate War Experience

Most games centered around the combat experience will focus on either developing a first-person shooter game or a real-time strategy game. The Theater seeks to combine these two styles of play for a single coherent experience. Like actual combat, on field soldiers (controlled by real players) will receive orders and loadouts from an unseen officer (also controlled by a real player) viewing the game from a top down perspective.


The officer is the head behind each teams army. It is the job of the officer to manage the funds and investments of their team, and order the squads to their objectives. Each game is a 1v1 between each head officer, similar to a game of chess with living pawns. The games teams are not controlled by some computer or algorithm, it is a real mind giving real commands. The smartest officer who uses their funds the wisest will see the victory. 

FPS Side

As a soldier, you are given a specific role and loadout offered to you by both your class and officer. With these tools, you must follow your orders and work along with your squad to finish the objective. While players will not experience the same freedom as offered by our competition, they will be given an authentic team based experience unlike anything seen before. Every game is a brand new experience, and every role is pivotal to the teams success.

Visceral storytelling

We are building a narrative and world with real bones to it. It is a lived in war, with its own history and twists. The player is a part of that history.

Harrowing substance

We are holding NO punches when telling our story. Do not expect an easy arcade experience, The Theater has gall and weight. Tread lightly.

Ludonarrative consistency

There is no separation between the players actions and the stories plot. There is correlation in all elements of play and writing.

young and thirsty:

We are a team of college students, amateurs looking to prove ourselves. When you support our efforts you are not paying into a AAA studio who look to line their pockets rather than deliver passion. Support for The Theater is support for the young artist! You are paying into the free expression of the next generation. Your investment is heading into uncharted territory, with the potential to hit a goldmine. We are here to prove ourselves, give us this opportunity.

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Prototype proof of concept - coming soon!

While the official game is far from a release, we will soon be releasing a fully functional proof of concept that shows the core mechanics of our experience. From there, we can move onward to evolve The Theater and deliver a truly breathtaking experience. 

Note: Development is still slow, our predictions of what will come with the proof of concept may change over time.